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If you’re like me and you have a “mishmash” of food in your refrigerator and pantry and no idea how to utilize it, Emily is a wiz at pulling those everyday ingredients together to make a meal your family will enjoy!

Christine Dyan, Chicago, IL

I was introduced to Emily Klein by nationally known TV host of the Joy Bauer Fit Club, author of many texts, and nutritionist  extraordinaire Joy Bauer.  My personal experience with Emily Klein has been nothing less than stellar.  Emily's has an unusual way of mixing science and satisfaction!!.  Savvy and expertise!

Dr. Howard Dinowitz, Podiatric Medicine, Surgery & Biomechanics

Emily has helped my kids and I learn to cook healthy, delicious, and easy-to-make food.  She has a great way of making cooking fun and easy--even for beginners.  We're amazed by how many different dishes she can create with the same basic set of ingredients.  We all look forward to having her come to our home for the next lesson!

Lori Levinson, Upper East Side, NYC

When my husband had a gall bladder problem, Emily was recommended by a health care company to help me through the cooking challenge for this situation.  She did!  She interviewed me, and when she got the picture of my husband’s food preferences, and my cooking level, we set a cooking date.  The process was fabulous, easy, and the result beautiful.  We made gorgeous nearly fat free food, baked garlic scented cod surrounded by cherry tomatoes; poached red and white scallops; borscht; gazpacho; and more.  Fresh, healthy food ready after a fun afternoon session! Yes, I still make these things.  And by the way, after all this my kitchen was clean, too.  I highly recommend Emily.  

Pat Gruber, part time NY resident

Emily helped me design and outfit my new kitchen from soup to nuts. Everything from working with the architect on the layout to choosing major appliances to accessorizing dishes, utensils and small appliances. Can't say enough about how happy I was with the finished product. Emily is a great combination of cooking and mis en place expertise together with a warm and vibrant personality! 

Randy Alan, Westfield, NJ

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