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In my signature, Use a SpoonTM cooking programs, you receive hands on culinary instruction along with the essential support and accountability you need to master both the mindset and skill set of cooking so you can make delicious meals and create the delicious life you deserve. 

Which option suits you best?

Cooking Basics

Deep Dive

Single Day Immersion

Cooking Basics

You’re excited!  You’re were a cool girl and now you’re a cool wife and mom.  You take great care of yourself and your family.  You’re almost a little embarrassed at how great your life is.  You love the idea of cooking but it seems to take an awfully long time and you feel like you waste a lot of ingredients. You’ve tried those boxed options but you don’t get much food after all that work.  You’re hoping there is a better way. 

Our Cooking Basics program is for those who want to establish a basic foundation of cooking skills and food knowledge so that come meal time you’ll feel confident and not reliant on a box to make your meals happen.  

This 4-week program includes:

   Knife Skills and commonly used cooking terms session: You’ll learn how to use those fabulous new knives you got for your wedding, however long ago that was, and how to decipher the cooking lingo in print and on line that make you feel stupid for not innately understanding it all while learning to slice, dice, chop, mince and julienne your way to culinary freedom.

  1. Pantry Curating session: We’ll go through your cabinets, all of them, and determine what to keep, what to discard or give away, and what to have on hand so that you can be one of “those people” who can just throw things together and make something delicious at the drop of a hat.

  2. Supermarket Tour: Supermarkets are actually set up to have you fail. On this quick trip to your local mercato, I’ll show you how it’s laid out and where to find what you truly need so you don’t go home with a cart full of shiny objects you couldn’t resist.

  3. one 90-minute cooking session to focus on your burning culinary questions.

  4. plus 2 15-minute check in calls to see how it’s going and to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Deep Dive

You are a reluctant cook, getting dinner on the table and doing everything else you are supposed to be doing, but you sometimes don’t feel satisfied. You love your family but you can’t help noticing that you seem to come last much the time.  On the outside you appear to have it all but if you’re being honest with yourself, life does not look like the brochure and you’re feeling a little lost.

Hello culinary freedom!!  Our Deep Dive program is for those who are ready to achieve their culinary and personal goals.  We will begin by dismantling your food story and eliminating any negative feelings or beliefs you may have about cooking that previously have been interfering with your natural ability to succeed, and while we’re at it, we’ll go right to work on all your Cooking Basics.  Next we’ll continue your journey with an exploration of essential techniques that will leave you feeling bold and fearless in your kitchen and your life! 

This 12-week program includes:

   Knife Skills and commonly used cooking terms session

  1. Pantry Curating session

  2. Supermarket Tour

  3. four 90-minute cooking sessions focusing on:

  4. • steaming

  5. • sauteing

  6. • braising

  7. • baking

  8. • pan frying

  9. • roasting

  10. With all your new skills you’ll be a master in no time of:

    1. Chicken: The bird is everyone’s go to protein and you’ll learn how to cook it just right.

    2. Fish: Of all the protein, none holds greater fear and dread than fish. Overcome all of that with a variety of foolproof, fabulous and fearless preparations.

    3. Vegetables: The world of meatless options is far broader and entirely more delicious than most give it credit for. They’re so sumptuous and satisfying that even the pickiest eater may find herself asking for more.

    4. Soups: Made from water, I always find soup to be the most magical of things to prepare. I’ll happily show you how.

    5. Stews: Savory, slow and sumptuous is how we roll.

  11. plus six 15-minute check in calls to see how it’s going and to answer any questions you may have along the way.

  12. unlimited text and email access

  13. checklists, worksheets, cheat sheets and more

You’ll also get the bonus Herbs and Spices Guide

The truth is method is only half the equation. what makes things tasty, different and exciting is how you season, spice and herb them up.  This essential cheat sheet spells out how to create authentic flavors around the world simply by switching out cilantro for oregano and cumin for crushed red pepper, you get the gist.

VIP Immersion

Let’s do this!  This program is for those motivated, high achievers who want it all yesterday.  We will assess everything from your current ability, to your food and cooking goals and what you have in your pantry and go right to work decluttering, reorganizing and streamlining “your in the kitchen” so that who is left will be your fabulous, passionate, powerful, intentional, knowledgable and capable culinary self, and we’ll do it in 6-hours.

This program compresses the elements of the Deep Dive into one comprehensive, high energy day and includes two (rather than six) follow up calls.


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